IIIH Studios

IIIHeirs studios, is a media publishing startup that empowers its audience. Every one of our projects was conceptualised with empowerment in mind. Our work ranges from video games and social platforms to Television and Video streaming projects. 

Our mission is to use digital media, to create wealth for everyone.

Our Team
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Alvin Haynes, Co-founder


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Cole Spader, Co-founder

cspader@iiihstudios.com |

Alvin Haynes is an American innovator and investor with over 30 years experience in the technology industry and extensive expertise in Cyber Security. Alvin's hobbies include sports and the outdoors, he spends a considerable amount of his free time working on his farm and is rumoured to have a green thumb. 

Cole Spader is a former Barbadian professional track & field athlete, now entrepreneur and innovator. Cole's expertise spans across the entertainment, sport and technology industries. Cole's interests are writing, sports and business. 

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